Capital Program and Project Management Software

This type of program often referred to as CPMS is actually a system that aids construction managers, program managers, building operators, and building owners in controlling and managing a large amount of data that their building projects create. When the company has several projects going on at once it makes it even harder to stay on top of all the areas of the construction on each project, thus this system provides the help that is needed. Other names you may hear this system called are project management information systems, construction management software, and capital project management software.

The Parts of the Software

SoftwareMost capital program management software systems will at least include management of documents which will store a large number of files such as BIM models, drawings, specifications, and contracts, among others. Automation process or workflow will allow you to plan a certain repetitive as well as a time-consuming plan in order to follow a certain path. It will allow for management of scheduling and controlling which will help track the construction projects if each project corresponds to the total program. Management and cost control can be used instead of excel as it provides a system for systematic entry of cost data, and automatically tracks changes to any information regarding cost. Dashboard creating and engine reporting gives stakeholders the information they need in an easy to understand report so they can make decisions.

Importance of Management Software to Improve Delivery of Project

In order for all projects to be done within the time frame, stay within budget, and stay within the agreed scope of the project, the program will help individuals such as suppliers, subcontractors, contractors, engineers, architects, project managers, and those in charge of the construction make better decisions.

The program will aid in providing information for quality control, safety issues, conditions that arise that were unforeseen, and an array of other challenges that are faced during the construction project.

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